River Wilds Golf Club was constructed in 1944 as a 9-hole course on land which, at that time, was adjacent to the Blair Airport (in fact the course wrapped around one end of the runway). For more than half a century the course was owned and operated by the Blair Golf Club as a private members-only golf course. In the mid 90`s the airport was relocated south of town, and in 1998 the Blair Golf Club began construction to expand the course to 18 holes (9 new holes were built and two were altered). The expanded course opened in July of 1999, and continued to operate under the ownership of the Blair Golf Club through the 2000 season.

In early spring of 2001 the golf course was purchased by Perfect Drive LLC. Perfect Drive LLC opened the course in April of 2001 as a fully public golf course, under the name River Wilds Golf Club. The name “River Wilds” was chosen to reflect both the location of the course on the edge of the Missouri River Valley, as well as the spirit of Blair as a river city.  In 2010 a new green and tee box was constructed for # 14. The 14th is referred to by many as River Wilds signature hole.

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